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Equine Slaughter
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The Sad Truth

(Note: Although this is not directly related to Appaloosa's, it was an isue that needs alot more concern than its getting and I wanted to talk about on my web page)

Did you know that in the last ten years over 2.5 million American horses, ponies, donkeys and mules were slaughtered in the U.S for human consumption? After years of faithful service to their owners, these poor animals were HUNG BY THEIR ANKELS STILL ALIVE AND WERE BEATEN AS THEY WOULD SLOWLY BLEED TO DEATH. Is this the way we should dispose of another living thing when it is no longer practical for us to have around?



This mare was rescued from the New
Holland "Killer Sale."

There is hope. I have found some interesting links on this topic if you would like to find out how you can help.

A haven for rescued horses and ponies

Save the horses

horse slaughter: an american discrace