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I love my pets!! They are like the siblings I never had (accept for Kyle, but I don't like being related to him!!)

kissey (:

My dogs: Sammy and Casey

Casey is a collie and Sammy is a Yorkie-Poo (A cross of a yorkshire terrier and a poddle) We first got Casey in December of 97 as a Christmas present, and Sammy was a 12th birthday gift from my mom and dad. I love them to death, but Sammmy can be a royal pain in the butt!!

Sammy and Casey


Ginger is an appalossa mare, and I have no idea how old she is. I got her in the fall of 97 and I have learned so much from her. In the three years I've had her, I've only fallen off TWICE (amazing!!)

Ginger and Me