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Jess is 13 and is my best friend since grade six! She has blonde hair (REALLY blonde hair) and likes horses just like me. We go to the same church, too, and spend our time there making fun of the really ugly guys(I won't name names, you know who you are!!)She gets mad at me alot, but we never stay in fights for too long!!

Kate is soo COOL!! I've known her the longest out of all my friends, but we didn't always get along. In grade two and three, we went to the same after school program and Kate and her older sister, Jenn, would always make fun of me (they made me sad!!) Once they both sucked on a piece of orange and then gave it to me. I ate it and they wouldn't tell me why they were laughing so hard (ggrr)Kate and I became friends in grade four and we have been fighting ever since! (haha, I luv ya Kate!)

Melissa is the sister I never had! We look alot alike and people who don't know us think were sisters. She doesn't like horses, but she likes dogs and cats (she really likes cats) We first became friends when I was in grade six and she was in grade five and we both had a crush on the same guy.

Alise is well... I don't know really. Sarcastic would be a good word to describe her, and browner would be another one (haha) She's the smartest out of all my friends, yet she doesn't seem to care about her hand writting very much (you should see it) She's really funny and during class we always draw stick people and cartoons of our enemies when the teacher's not looking ("Horseface" "The BouncingBlubber"
"The Polisher" and "Prissy Princess" are just some of our creations) She doesn't get along with alot of people, but she doesn't mind if they don't like her cause it's funner to tease them anyways (you go!) She's going to send me a kangaroo when she gets to Austraila.

Well, there's no one word to describe Laura. She's very hyper-active, outgoing, witty and funny. Our conversations make no sence whats-so-ever and usally involve words that either don't exist at all, or we don't have a clue what the meaning is. Once we were bowling with Kate and our friend Sarah, and we didn't end up bowling at all, but instead, raided the candy machines and ran around the whole time (That sucker in the arcade didn't know what him him!)

Braylin just moved here from Alberta in the fall, and has settled on fast. She already has a new dog, Sparky, and loads of new friends. She hates Graham and Nick in our class but seems to get along well with everybody else. At her birthday in September, Alise, Melissa, her next-door neighbor Catie and me came over and we watched the sequal to the little mermaid (don't dis!) and ate a whole lot of cake, chips and pizza. She's going to start horseback riding with me every week (yah!)


My 13th Birthday Party (April 7th 2000)
From left to right: Me, Alise, Jessica, Laura, Melissa, Kate and my cousin Courtney